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Welcome to RIDDOX

Riddox is a fully comprehensive online incident and accident recording tool. It’s designed to assist businesses in understanding their vital health and safety strengths and limitations. With its’ clean design, simple operation and easy to understand reporting system, it is the future of health and safety reporting management. Riddox has a clear vision of becoming the tool of choice for all sizes of businesses when it comes to assessing health and safety audit trail. With our software we are committed to improving health and safety culture within organizations in any business sector.


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Accessible from any device

    • Clean cut design simplifies the software understanding
    • Environmentally friendly online paperless tool
    • Trends clearly visible via sophisticated charts
    • Works as an effective audit trail
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Simple Questions


What is Riddox?

Riddox is simple and easy to use online incident and accident reporting system which reliably delivers clean cut reports and analysis. It replaces your workplace paper incident and accident books.


Who should use Riddox?

Any business or organization who employs in excess of 5 people and/or has large customer footprint. Riddox is as effective for small companies as it is for multiple site operations. Our online solutions can be applied to organizations in all business sectors.


Why Riddox?

Its’ wide scale of application is suitable for all businesses. Our online solutions are undoubtedly in the running for the market leadership in the category of risk management.