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About Us


Company Overview

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Online platform is the product of UK based company Stesec Limited. In 2013, STESEC Ltd. was established to provide tailored health and safety consultancy and training solutions to various organisations within the UK.

We have been working with our clients and partners on the promotion of positive health and safety culture within the workplace, which has resulted in improved safety behavioural changes in the workforce. While working with our clients, our main focus is on the identification of their exact needs and requirements followed by the creation of plan to target the findings.

At our beginnings we started by offering our clients tailored staff training, but as a result of investing into continuous professional development of our colleagues, we very quickly positioned ourselves on the market as an organisation with multi-skilled workforce who are capable of completing all tasks in the diverse world of health and safety.

Over the period of time, STESEC Ltd. established itself as a health and safety provider of choice when it comes to workplace risk assessments and assistance in organisations` health and safety related issues. We now have ongoing contracts with our clients offering continuing support and expert advice.

In late 2015, during discussions with one of UK`s most established insurance companies, we have been asked how we track our clients` workplace health and safety performance. We recognized that there is a need for an incident and accident tracker which would also be able to demonstrate to insurers how any input into organisation`s health and safety systems reflects on their performance.

In June 2016, STESEC Ltd. launched the online incident management platform and immediately started to generate interest with various UK based companies, ranging from nurseries, schools and small single site operations to multinational organisations and corporations.